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SRCB1030 – NHP SAFE-T 1 Pole 10 Amp RCD/MCB RCBO

1 Pole 10 amp SAFE-T RCBO

Standards AS 3111, AS 3190.
– Approval No. N15251.
– MDA approved: – MDA Ex. 11576
– QMD 997458XU
– Current rating: 10, 16 and 20 amps.
– Voltage 240 V AC 50/60 Hz.
– Short circuit protection 6000 amps.
– Earth leakage protection 30 mA.

Safe-T single pole width residual current circuit breakers offer overload,
short circuit and earth leakage protection in a single module width unit.
1. Overload protection is provided by its calibrated thermal overload.
2. Short circuit protection is provided by its magnetic trip mechanism up
to 6 kA prospective.
3. Earth leakage protection is by its in-built electronic core-balance
Mounting arrangements are identical throughout the Safe-T MCB range
utilising the NHP clip-tray mounting system in panelboards and loadcentres.

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