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Why You Must Consider Time Lag & Din Rail Switches?

Whether office, at home or anywhere, we lead a super busy life which sometimes makes us forgetful. And this delay is what brings chaos in our lifestyle as we end up consuming more electricity. One option is to use din rail switches or time lag buttons to fix this issue. We, at AGM Electrical Supplies, offer a wide range of din rail switches being an electrical wholesaler in Perth. But we want you, the respected consumer, know everything in full detail about these inventions. So, here is everything that you’d ever need for developing a better understanding of din rail switches and time lag buttons.


Din rail switches were primarily invented in Germany in year 1928 and were internationally adopted in 50s. Time lag switches, on the other hand, are an upgraded, domestic level, version of din rail switches. The common application of both switches is that they turn off the device automatically once they reach a certain temperature (or when the timer is up). You can find time lag devices in your home, most probably in kitchen area, where there are time-sensitive electronic devices. You can set the timer/temperature and forget about “forgetting” turning the device off. We, at AGM Electrical Supplies, offer a versatile range of din rail switches and time lag buttons at our online portal.


Now that you know about the basic difference and application similarities of both din rail switches and time lag buttons, let’s get deep into their benefits. For offering you an insightful view of these useful inventions, here are some of the key benefits that you can expect from your purchase of din rail switches and time lag buttons.

  • One of the prime benefits of using din rail switches is that they can reduce the electricity wastage when you don’t want to keep the electronic devices running. You can set a certain temperature and enjoy doing routine work while the din rail switches take care of the electricity consumption.
  • Another reason for considering time lag buttons and din rail switches is that they come with a stylish outlook that preserves your interior’s look and feel. Choose a color, style, and size and install an artistically designed din rail and time lag switch.
  • You can get to select din rail switches from a wide range of options. You can either select a digital one or go for the analogue one, whichever goes with your needs.
  • For the sake of innovation, our modern din rail switches and time lag buttons come with an LED interface that lets you know if they’re on or off.


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